Misha’s Dance & Activewear,

a family owned store opened in 1987.  Mom, the dancer and Dad, the business man.
This dance wear store grew up as the talented daughters, Misha, Wesley and Whitney grew up. Misha is and always was CEO. They have been blessed with some of the best and supportive customers who first came when they were kids and now they are bringing their children.

Now that the 3 daughters are grown and deeply involved in dance, performing, theatre, yoga, all areas of movement, they are the driving force behind new trends, styles and fashion.

This bicoastal Dancewear store family has Misha in NY , Wesley in NY, Las Vegas, LA and  Whitney in LA.

I enrolled my daughter to ballet dancing class because of her interest. But I was a bit taken aback when the teacher handeddown the list that I had to get for the next dancing class. I had no clue of what all that meant andwhere I could get that from. Thankfully Igot the reference of Mishas. I told them about the leotards, ballet shoes, etc and the staff was very responsive. They were so helpful in showing the stuff that I read from my list. Look forward to visiting it again whenever there is a need.
-Kiran C.

What a big selection of dance apparel they have!  And the owner is awesome!  Very helpful and knowledgeable.  We found everything we needed for my daughter’s dance class.  Thank you!
-Hannah R.